ILP services are aimed to optimize the business’ profit through the development of business processes, technological integration and the structuring of KPI for customer service.


Logistics Solutions and IT Tools

ILP provides solutions for logistics and transport, from the structuring of the supply chain to the dimensioning of the services, the structuring of the contracts of service including implementation support, and performance screening (KPI). The solution that ILP can provide a business includes the IT, HW and SW instruments which are developed for the customer. ILP gives a feasibility analysis for each innovative solution and processes automation.


Business processes re-engineering

ILP offers analysis of performances for the current business processes through the reconstruction and modelling of the current situation (As-Is) according to international standards. Then the reengineering process through the modelling of the expected state (To-Be) is undertaken. ILP offers ex-ante performance analysis, support in the economic-financial evaluation (business plan) and in the implementation phase.


Logistics Outsourcing

ILP plans logistics and goods transport services for each individual customer through the identification of service requirements, dimensioning, ex ante evaluation of the services, prices, supplier identification, contractual preparation and support in the set-up phase.



ILP plans and provides a specialized technical training to business operators. The training covers logistics, goods transport and international shipping.