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Innovative Logistics Projects (ILP) CONSULTING SRL is an innovative start-up that works in the transport and logistics sector. ILP combines more than thirty years of experience in the forwarding world with more than fifteen years of university research in the ICT sector for transport and logistics.
The main goal for ILP is to conceive, develop, produce and commercialize innovative software products, with high technological value, to be applied in the logistics and national and international transport sectors. Structuring integrated logistics solutions through the development and technological integration (sensors, softwares, algorithms, models, devices) enables efficiency and sustainability of the business.
ILP provides for businesses specialized consultations related to the development and commercialization of non-traditional logistics solutions. ILP uses engineering methods, advanced planning techniques, process re-engineering and the most advanced technologies available in the market.



ILP sees logistics and transport as functional items as part of a bigger process of supply chain management. In this context, ILP develops innovative and technologically advanced content solutions to be used in businesses that work in the shipping, transport and integrated logistics sectors, both at a national and international level.
ILP develops solutions to support the aggregation of demand and the related load concentration. In this way, ILP improves the optimization of costs for logistics and transport, and it helps improve the environmental sustainability of the transport of goods. ILP’s approach to the customer involves the
development of specific solutions for each business, the elaboration of models and procedures, business support and the use of ICT technologies (IoT, RFID; augmented reality, voice picking, blockchain).